Waves NX Car Speaker System Simulation

I’m totally on board with the Waves NX platform and will use the heck out of it in addition to my multi monitor mix setup. The only thing missing right now is the brutal Car Sound system test. Although I’ll still drag my laptop to various cars as the final judge, it would be nice to have a plugin that has a variety of car stereo systems modeled in the same manner of the Abbey Road and Ocean Way studios.

It could include a range of systems from old distorting old speakers to a high end systems and AM/FM simulations. It should also offer driver and passenger seat and perhaps rear seat monitor options. Center line stereo is not realistic for a car after all. A basic “car audio” EQ and front/back/left/right/sub woofer/bass enhance etc. control would be helpful too to simulate the car system. Some stupid average driver user presets would be helpful. Cherry on top would be road noise simulation. Oh, even better, some radio station loudness wars processing with too much compression, eq and even distortion/saturation that can be kicked in and out. (They literally add distortion on some stations) You could subtract original hit recordings from the radio broadcasts to analyze what is being done on hit radio stations in their loudness wars.

Anyway, please consider adding this to your NX platform. A majority of the music is getting heard in this less than ideal listening environment of vehicles and this tool would be so useful.

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Not a bad idea, but I can’t help but keep thinking that the “car test” is a 70s & 80s idea that seemed to have stuck around for some strange reason.

Statistically it’s the teenagers that buy and consume the most music. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any teenager who owns a car, let alone drives. I think it would be also an idea to emulate PC speakers, mobile devices, sound bars, Bluetooth systems even ear buds. That’s how most music is consumed.

I can’t see why we can’t address all these points though.

Hello Waves techs. Just letting you know that I agree with David’s feature request as well as the additional ones suggested by Simon. I would definitely consider buying such a plug-in. It would save me time in running to the car and checking on other systems, speakers, earbuds, etc.

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Totally agree. That’s the only thing that is really missing comparing to Slate VSX.

This is a cool idea. Add in the brutality of FM radio compression and whatever DAB does to sound and you’ve got a winner.