Vocal tuner and FL studio


been trying to get the vocal tuner to work with fl studio but rewire is canceld sens 2020 and now i don not know how to get it working…
been trying to get in contact with suport but…
HOPE ANYONE have a fix for how to get it working in fl studio…
ty in advance

Hi @tomaslarssonclub and Welcome to Waves Forum! :slight_smile:

Indeed, as you can see here in the Tech Specs of the plugin, ReWire is not supported in FL Studio 20, and there is no workaround we can offer at the moment.

We are working on ReWire alternatives, but have no ETA if and when such feature will be released.

well this sucks… bought LT and the full one but cant use it then… ■■■■

It might ■■■■ at the moment, but I’m willing too bet their Rewire alternative might also come with ARA support. That would be really be useful.