User Key 1 through 8

Hi all,
I’m finally getting around to setting up my Soundgrid Studio setup in conjunction with a DLI, AVID OMNI, ADAT looped from RME UFX (used as Surround monitor controller in this example) and an Impact Server C.

So far all working really well, but i have a question that seems to elude me.

Once we have assigned the “User Key” parameters as seen below. How do we actually trigger them when we are in the mixer page??? Can’t find anything but how to assign them, in the manual.



Anyone using this? I can’t work it out.

The way to recall These user keys - is the click them on the actual GUI, where you assigned them.
In a future version we will add the option to detach this window and to assign to MIDI.


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Mmm, that’s a bit strange.

I can’t argue with that. A feature request regarding this has been passed on.

Thank you Yishai.
It all has so much potential.

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