Remote trigger of user keys?

Is there a way to trigger/toggle the User Keys remotely? Doesn’t seem from my research that it’s possible using MIDI, though I can’t double check today since our SuperRack is in use for services.

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It’s F1 - F8 in LV1. Try that

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@lynden.tech Hi :slight_smile: It is possible to assign midi on/off commands to UserKeys in SuperRack.
You should be able to do it from the Midi control panel by clicking the Midi gearwheel in SuperRack’s Setup>Inventory page.

In the MIDI Module & editor of SuperRack, you can assign keyboard keys to the user keys. Simply assign the MIDI Control in the Controllers section, click the gearwheel - in the window that opens, click on the user key you wish to control, and hit the keyboard key you want to control it.

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