Profanity In Plugin Release Videos

Hey, I get it…the culture is full of it. But here’s the fact. Hundreds of thousands of Waves users are faith based users. Whether it be mega churches using plugins live, recording and broadcast houses that cater to Christian media, or just Christian folks in general making great music in their homes. We certainly don’t want to be slapped in the face like this and the real fact is…it’s not necessary. The real tragedy here, is that I used Waves as a model example of what true professionalism represents in marketing to a new startup company years ago…you might recognize the name…LandR. They took my advice and adopted a “no profanity” approach to their marketing and rose to the top of the industry…Now obviously…I’m not saying it was because of that one choice…but really…professionalism in all areas radiates an overall feel to a company. Any promotion that alienates an entire sector of paying customers is not a good promotion in my opinion and Waves as a company needs to recognize that they receive a decent chunk of their bread and butter in the Christian market. Don’t waste it. Specifically posting due to the latest “Listen to vocal ■■■■■■” video with explicit lyrics in it. Posting it here because it doesn’t really fit anywhere else really.

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Hi @ncrstudio and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback.
It is important and I will make sure to forward it to the relevant personnel here at Waves.

Thanks Gurik for your kindness and care to pass it along. I sure appreciate it!

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