Plugins for Super Bass Podcast Voice

Hi folks! First-time long-time, as they say on talk radio…

A newb question…

Looking for a recommendation for plug-in and settings to get that super bassy announcer voice.

Many Thanks in advance.
Lost in the Jungle,

A lot of that has to do with the mic, and the presenter’s up close proximity to it believe it or not. Speaking with your chest voice as opposed to your head voice will help heaps too. Throw in a little compression and you have that classic bass heavy voice.

Though, you can always a bit of eq around 150Hz to bring it out. Mind you, too much bass will subtract from the voice’s intelligibility. So care has to be taken not to use too much.

You can also use some eq to boost some of those higher frequencies to bring back the presence but because you’re so close to the mic it could boost all your sibilance issues. Using a good pop shield will help there, which is why so many YouTubers use them. On top of that you can use something like Waves Sibilance to control any access.

You can most likely find some plugin chains in StudioRack to see what other people have done. Consider vocalist chains also, but they tend to be more elaborate and more hyped than what you would need for presenting.

Also try press for channel strip style plugins like Scheps Omni or The SSL EV2.