New! Spherix Immersive Compressor and Limiter

NEW! Spherix Immersive Compressor & Limiter
Get Perfect Dynamics in Immersive Mixes Faster than Ever

Waves Spherix is a dynamics suite designed from the ground up for fast, streamlined work on the fixed channels of 7.1.4/7.1.2 immersive environments such as Dolby Atmos®.

Save precious time and avoid tedious manual workarounds: Mix faster without swapping channels, tweak multiple channels (multi-mono) with a single touch, and process entire speaker zones instantly in convenient immersive-ready channel groupings.

Finally, the workflows you need for immersive audio mixing are here.

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Immersive Mixing Session with Steve Genewick
See Spherix in Action: Immersive Mixing Session with Steve Genewick

Dive deeper into the world of immersive mixing with Grammy®-nominated engineer and Atmos® expert Steve Genewick (Paul McCartney, Norah Jones) as he explores Spherix and shows how fast and easy mixing in Atmos can be.

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Spherix Includes:
Spherix Immersive

Spherix Immersive Compressor Spherix Immersive

Spherix Immersive Limiter
Both plugins together
in a single license

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I have yet to get into mixing for Atmos. I’m waiting until I can afford to upgrade my computer so it can handle the additional workload more effortlessly.

This looks like it would be really useful, if and when I get around to it!!

The only way I’m getting ATMOS is if it becomes CakeWalk compatible.

Lets not for get the ability to buy and mount the various speakers needed!!

If I went Atmos, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to run it via a headphone render for quite some time.

Ah… and I can’t even run Abbey Road 3 plugin for 7.1 because of the heavy CPU usage and that it isn’t compatible with Cakewalk by Bandlabs.

Cakewalk has suffered a little by changing hands so many times over the last few years. Every time that happens someone new has to start pulling it apart and understanding how it works before they can even begin to make changes.

But if Bandlab can manage to get over that hurdle and start publishing performance updates, that would be a great thing.