⚡️ NEW! Nx Ocean Way Nashville Plugin

Create better mixes on headphones
NEW! Nx Ocean Way Nashville Plugin
NEW! Nx Ocean Way Nashville Plugin
Your dream studio control room.
On headphones.

To create stellar mixes, you need a stellar mixing environment.

Supervised by Ocean Way founder Allen Sides, the Nx Ocean Way plugin replicates the control room acoustics and monitoring system of the famed Ocean Way Nashville Studios – the pinnacle of acoustic design – in immersive audio over any pair of studio headphones.

So you can create stellar mixes, anytime, anywhere.


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Creating The Perfect Mix RoomWith Ocean Way Founder Allen Sides

“What this plugin gives you is the space to create a better mix. You can put on a set of headphones, and it sounds like you’re sitting in this amazing control room, with an amazing set of speakers in front of you. This is a phenomenally accurate replication of what it sounds like to sit in my studio control room.”

Allen Sides
(Founder & Designer, Ocean Way Studios)

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What headphones are supported?

Hey. @mgil ,

All headphones are supported and work great with Nx Ocean Way Nashville and the other Nx plugins.

Nx Ocean Way Nashville recreates the spatial acoustic response of a masterfully designed studio control room—over any headphones.

This can benefit you by helping your mixes translate better to speakers, whether or not you also use EQ correction.

Of course, you can use Nx Ocean Way Nashville to add spatial acoustic response to your headphones, and add EQ correction on top (whether using this plugin, or other software).

Correction curves are available for:

  • Audeze EL-8 Closed -Back
  • Audeze iSINE20
  • Audeze SINE
  • Audiotechnica ATH-M50x
  • AKG K-702
  • Byerdynamic DT-880 (250ohm)
  • Byerdynamic DT-990 (250ohm)
  • Sennheiser HD-600
  • Sennheiser HD-800
  • Shure SRH-440
  • Sony MDR-7506

So I just purchased Nx Ocean Way Nashville + NX Head Tracker and Scheps Omni Channel about 90 mins ago.

The Scheps plug was added to my account immediately but not the NX Oceans Way plug.

I also can’t choose my two free plug-ins.

How long before the NX Oceans Way plug gets added?

And how long before I can choose my two free plugs?

Hi there @birchonline and welcome to the forum!

As you can see in our sale’s terms and conditions:

  • Purchases of Waves Update Plan, Waves Music Maker Access subscriptions, hardware, or hardware/software combos do not qualify for the free plugin promotion.

As this is a combo, the Nx license should be registered when when the headtracker is delivered.

You are welcome to contact our orders department here for more information.

I wanted to buy Nx Ocean Way Nashville but was little confused. Then my vow on your given post. It was really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this awesome information with us.

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