(LV1 as IEM monitor desk) Talk Network Bus always on in Cue section

I’m touring as a monitor guy with a band on IEM.

I have 4 Talk mics (FOH+Backliner+Stager+ “Anybody needed”) that i need to constantly hear in my In Ears, even when listenig to my mix sends.
Curently using a Midas Pro I have the option to blend a specific mix (my Talk mix for this case) in my Cue Bus wich is ok as it works but if not cueing anything i don’t hear the talks oviously…

Would it be possible to add an option to send the cue to a matrix (coud be software fixed to matrix 8 and then disabling the cue button for this specific matrix). Then you could mix any input or Bus to this matrix.

Then patching the output of that matrix to the monitor Tech IEM (me ;p) i could always listen to the talks mics even if not cueing anything and obviously listenig to my cues when engaged and still hearing someone who needs something.

Would be a great enhancement along with the crossfade time between scenes recall


I wish they would let you make the cue an input to the matrix as well. My work around has been to route the cue bus to the adat 7-8 outputs on my ioc, returning that to an unused channel and assigning that to the matrix.

I create a talkback bus and bring that into the matrix but I also use it as a side chain input to a compressor on the cue bus that will duck everything but the talkbacks. Only works well if you have footswitches or optogates on the talkback mics though.


I need this as well…20characters