Is Waves MV2 compressor usefull for MIDI solo piano track?

I bought Waves MV2 compressor, I do not see useful effect as it is shown in the video for vocal use.
I wonder can I use it for Instrument - midi solo piano track?

It can be used for any source material including instruments.
MV2 is a High and low-level compressor in one plugin.

You can tame and compress the louder parts of your signal while making the the lower dynamic content louder, or not, controlling them separately.

Thank you for your answer!

Well it’s useful for making a really dynamic track more consistent. So assuming your MIDI piano is performed well like the real deal it could be quite helpful.

It’ll help contain the really loud parts, but also allow you to bring up the lower levels so you can get a nice sustain that can compete with other things in the track. Plus it should sound reasonably transparent.

Give it a go. Careful not to over cook it though.