Cut out the middle Daw. Give us control of the plugins

I use a MCU with hue. Protools does not offer midi learn when a hue device is connected. It would be better if plug in manufactures just gave us a control software like the console one but programmable so that we can set up the controller of our choice with the plugins we like to use and cut out the middle men. It is over due that some one make a control surface for users and not just for profit. We want to grab and control not click, click ,click or hold three buttons while shifting to open a menu, then scroll to the channel. Then click the parameter…it is nuts. A 32 encoder with scribble strips, parameter bankable, mappable, that follows plugin, channel and send choice and works with other controllers connected or a light software that allows us to map midi cc and populate scribble strips to plugin controls or app that selects a knob and gives mouse wheel control by midi cc for plugin brands would be simply amazing.

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