CR8 Round Robin Feature Missing

I installed a trial of CR8 hoping to create a new saxophone virtual instrument. I found out that if samples overlap for the same pitch, there is no way to randomize their use. As a matter of fact, it appears that it will try to play multiple samples all at once. Obviously, this makes CR8 unusable for anyone attempting to make anything that sounds close to a human performance. I’ll try again once this feature is available.

CR8 wasn’t really created to be a deep, multi-layered sampler. Something more akin to what you find in Ableton, or Logic’s Quick Sampler. It just comes with a few extra features to make it seem more attractive. Though it is missing “Slice Mapping”

I’m sure that the reason why it cant do Round Robin was it was never intended to be used like that. Perhaps they have a more full featured sampler in the works?!?