Bass Fingers ringing issue

I use Bass fingers, latest version V12.0 on a M1 Mac running Logic X 10.6.3 in Big Sur if any of that matters. My issue is, and I am super curious if anyone else is getting this. Bass Fingers (awesome plugin overall) will ring. It just sustains on the last note I added and when you try to playback every empty space is filled with that one note and it will not stop. Mute the track and it comes back as soon as you unmute. Some times once it starts playback it will self correct after a bar but sometimes does not. no real obvious rhyme nor reason that I can suss out. Nothing seems to make it go away and sometimes I resort to shutting off Logic and reopening it. Is no one else getting this issue? I have even had it happen during a bounce but that is much more rare. Mostly just in playback. but if you are trying to punch in a neew part over the track and the bass is spazzing out filling every silence with a note and jumping all over the place it is pretty much unusable until you get it to stop.

Yes, I have seen this behaviour also. However, less so more recently.
I tend to program it and where there are potential issues, I’ll bounce in place (pre-plugin processing etc).

Hi @starxwasted and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

First, please note that M1 Chip computers are not yet supported by us, as can be seen in our System Requirements page.
Running the plugin on an unsupported system may result in various technical issues and unexpected behavior over time.

That being said, if the plugin used to work fine before - it is worth checking and further investigating.

Feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to assist you further if possible.

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