Audio File Player Plugin

New Product Suggestion - A simple plugin that would allow us to play bounced mixes (WAVs, MP3s, etc) in our DAW so that we can still listen to those mixes with your Virtual Control Room Plugins. Simple features should include:

  1. Able to load a list of audio files
  2. Reorder List Easily
  3. List saved by DAW as if it is a parameter of the Plugin
  4. Allow files to play one after another automatically
  5. Start/Stop/Prev/Next Scroll Controls
  6. Audio Position Time
  7. Reads actual file from drive (not a cached version) so that updates are heard instantly

Apple sort of has an AU for this, but 1) I can only get it to appear in Logic (not my DAW/Host), 2) even in Logic it feels a little buggy/clunky.

It would be SUCH a convenient/handy tool!