AI iso booth plugin

I would like to see, along the lines of the Clarity plugin, additional tool(s) to remove drum bleed or other unwanted noise picked up by stage/studio mics… for recording, or live performance.

For instance you would set the desired/focused instrument, let’s say guitar… and the then set the type of unwanted sound to remove, to say general, or a specific instrument type(s) to allow for more aggressive noise removal.

For live this would improve ear/monitor mix

For recording this would make for better mixes

The plugin could be called ‘iso booth’

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Interesting. I wonder if you could make it even more effective by combining ai with a side chain input, feeding it the sources you want to remove. Similar to how slate trigger reduces leakage to get a more consistent trigger.


Great idea! I like side chain input! C’mon waves let’s go :wink:

This idea certainly has som merits. You can expand on this idea to to a “De-Bleed” style of plugin too. That will certainly be handy top those tracking with multiple mics.

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