4 Steps to Mixing Hip Hop Vocals from Lu Diaz!

Learn 4 crucial steps for mixing clean, professional-sounding hip-hop vocal leads and ad-libs, from multi-platinum producer/mix engineer Lu Diaz (Jay-Z, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Pitbull). From removing harsh frequencies and adding shine, to creating depth and character with FX, Lu shares the four steps he never skips when mixing rap vocals.

  • 0:45 Step #1: Remove harsh & problem frequencies
  • 4:58 Step #2: Add color & shine
  • 6:27 Step #3: Pan ad-libs & vocal sweeteners
  • 8:25 Step #4: Add depth, character & vocal FX

Download Lu’s personal presets for the Renaissance Vox, C6 Multiband Compressor, Manny Marroquin Triple D, H-Delay, Renaissance EQ and Waves Tune Real-Time plugins: https://www.waves.com/mixing-hip-hop-vocals