Why is dark theme disabled?

I use Discourse on several other forums and they all are kind to my eyes and left the Dark Theme enabled. Why have you disabled this option? Having an all white page on a large monitor makes my eyes bleed! Could you please enable this option?

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I would also prefer a dark theme. The all white can be a bit intense on the eyes at times.

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Please Mods, enable the Dark Theme on the forum. Thanks!

So I made the same request over on the NI forum and they use a different SW for the forum so there is no Dark Mode. A user suggested the Dark Reader add-on (I’m using Firefox, but it’s available for other browsers) and I’m liking it. I’m actually trying the Sepia with the brightness turned down for a bit and a bit of gray added, then see what their full dark gray looks like.

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I’m a Safari user myself, but since half of the internet doesn’t have a Dark Mode I just grin and bear it personally.

Time are always changing though and many sites will end up adopting it in the end, given enough time.

The other reason that dark mode is so popular is that on phones and tablets it uses much less energy to light the screen and extends your battery life substantially.
All that said, I hate pure black for dark mode. The dark grays that people are coming around to works much better and is so much easier to read that pure black backgrounds, where the contrast is so extreme with white text.

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Yeah I tend to agree there.