Soundgrid Studio and external Midi Control


I wanted to use a Korg nanoKontrol2 to map it to the user buttons (and maybe some faders) in the Soundgrid studio application. Just to experience that generic midi controllers don’t seem to be available, the menue for external controls shows only Mackie and MyMon as option.

Scrolling through the manual it shows MIDI, Mackie, MyMon and MIDIPLUS as possible device input.

Am I missing something or can someone give me a hint what I might be doing wrong ?

Hi @dagroch ,

Please note that MIDI is not yet supported in SoundGrid Studio.
It will however be supported in the future, but I cannot provide you with an exact ETA at the moment.

Hi @Gurik ,

thanks for your response. Sad to hear MIDI is not yet in.

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