NX Headtracker - can't disable

I use NX but I don’t have a webcam, so I want to disable the Headtracker. I’ve seen a solution to this where the NX menu has the option to disable, but my NX menu doesn’t have that option - only the sizing, manual and system guide options. Is that because I’m using an old version of Waves (V12)? The Headtracker popup really irritates me.

Hi @Reidar,

Are you maybe referring to the Headtracking app?

It can be found and launched from your Waves folder: Waves/Plug-Ins V12/WavesHeadTracker

If you still need assistance I suggest Contacting Technical Support for a quick solution.

The trouble is without any form of head tracking the plugin won’t work as advertised. It effectively becomes a glorified reverb without the tracking information.

It’s not obvious but we use kind of like an echolocation to perceive objects in a 3D space. The brain is constantly listening out for reflections bouncing off nearby surfaces to tell us where we are in a 3D space and where the objects are. The changes in our movements, even the most subtle ones caused by simply breathing are important parts of this information.

Without this real time feed from even just subtle head movement the brain doesn’t get the information it needs and so it just ends up working like any other reverb. Unfortunately that is the limitation of this technology.