LV1 routing request GROUPS TO GROUPS etc


I would very much like to be able to route groups to groups as well as being able to send FX channels to groups. For example I often route separate kick and snare channels to a group which I would then like to send to overall DRUM group for final processing. Same goes in this scenario for some of the drum reverbs that I would like to send down to that same DRUM bus.

Thank you.


Yes please, I´d like that too

Current workaround would be to use an AUX as your drum bus master- you can send from a group to an AUX

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Yes there is workarounds fot this particular problem but going forward from there it’s not viable solution. Another thing we need is ability to have Cue is an input for matrices. But that’s another post I guess.

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I agree!
Cue to matrices is also on the top of my list