LV1 Latency and “Driver Network Buffer” settings for the PC DAW interface

I really need more granularity for the “Driver Network Buffer” for the PC DAW interface. I use the LV1 with live instruments and this is a major problem for me.

Currently the only options for the “Driver Network Buffer” are:
104 - 2.2ms
288 - 6.0ms
512 - 10.7ms
1024 - 21.3ms

I am using the PC for live instruments and would like an option between 104 (2.2ms) and 288 (6.0ms). The jump from 2.2ms to 6.0ms is just too large.

On 2.2ms my PC get the occasional “drop” of a sample, but I don’t want to have to go up from 2.2ms to 6.0ms in latency just to have that fixed.

Going from 2.2ms to 6.0ms causes the delay to become very noticeable to myself and the performers in our setup.

I would like to have an option of say:
144 samples or 3.0ms.
and also 192 samples or 4.0ms.

This would allow me to find a balance between latency and stability. With the current options, the jump from 2.2ms to 6.0ms is just too great. There need to be some options inbetween those values.

I submitted a similar request to a major mixing desk and audio interface company a year ago to increase the number of buffer sample options available in the audio driver and it was promptly implemented.