How to Create Your Own Royalty-Free Samples

Mixing engineer/producer Ethan Mates (Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers) shows how he creates original tracks to sound like they’ve been sampled: by giving them creative lo-fi mixing treatments for an old, dusty, warped sound.

When making music for television and advertising, most music supervisors require the music to be 100% original, avoiding samples to avoid extra fees and hassle. But when it’s your task to create a beat with a sample-based sound, how do you do it without using actual samples? The answer is simple: Create your own.

In this video, learn how to get your original recorded tracks and virtual instruments to sound like they’ve been dug up from a dusty, old crate of records:

  • How to add dirt, vinyl texture & dimension (1:35)
  • Giving virtual pianos & keys vintage character (3:00)
  • Adding lo-fi color and warble to keys & guitar (4:09)
  • Creating track layers and atmospheres (6:19)
  • Make a guitar sound like a sample (8:10)
  • Customize your track’s flavor using sweetener elements (9:38)
  • Give your master buss a vintage vibe (12:35)

Download Ethan’s plugin chains for StudioRack and personal presets for J37 Tape, Abbey Road Vinyl, H-Delay, Cobalt Saphira, OneKnob Filter, H-Comp Hybrid Compressor, PRS SuperModels, GTR Amps & Stomps, and H-Reverb plugins: https://www.waves.com/how-to-create-your-own-royalty-free-samples


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