Cannot enter voucher code

Cannot enter voucher code on either Chrome or Edge.
No opportunity is available.

Hi @Kephas!

See the image below - this is where you would usually enter your voucher code. It’s in the shopping cart, just before checkout.
If it does not appear or your code is not being accepted, I suggest you contact our Sales department regarding this issue

Thank you for your response.

It does not appear there on either Chrome or Edge.

I contacted the sales department this morning but have not heard back.


It does not work on Android or Safari as well.

Hey @Kephas,

Did you reach Sales and get an answer?
What are you trying to purchase?

Yes: the sales department got back to me.
The voucher does not apply to update plans.


The browser does not involve entering the code, can you check if your discount code is correct? Or you can visit DazzDeals to find the discount codes you want.