When is WAVES Going To Fix Studiorack Crashing Cubase 10 Mac

Are or are you Not going to fix the studio rack Plugin crashing Cubase 10 mac if you are not or Can’t Fix it Can You Say So. So i Can Get My Money Back and Buy a UAD Apollo something that works can you please let me know it is Going on 10 or 11 month Now i have given Waves a lot of money it is only rite to let your customers know what is going on

Hey guys I understand your frustration. Stuff like this would really irk me too. Especially after 6 or so months. I don’t work for Waves, so I’m allowed to be irked. It would have been so easy for me to get triggered.

I’m not going to tell you guys to “cool your jets” or anything or “don’t shoot the messenger” or any lame-■■■ unhelpful things like that. I will though offer an insight and you can either take it or leave it.

It comes in the form or a profound quote…

“ If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever”

As it would seem stressing over a situation that has either a solution or no solution would have no point to it. We have nothing to gain but high blood pressure. I just remember this every time I get the urge to kill someone and it tends to ground me a bit.

I think it’s worthwhile expressing your concerns, but keep it in perspective that there are conditions outside our control. Conditions that is outside Waves’ control since it has to rely on Steinberg.

The fact they are working on it and it’s in the pipeline is actually promising. It’s a blessing in disguise. It means that Waves isn’t going to kill compatibility for Cubase. That’s a good thing.

Almost one year to Fix 1 Plugin whats Joke and it still is not Fixed :rage:

I know it’s pretty bad. The thing is it doesn’t exist in isolation, as it has to support the SoundGrid infrastructure. Many people rely on it live, where there are no safety nets. The bugs really have to be fully ironed out.

That is only further complicated by the use of new SoundGrid products, new operating systems, DAW updates, including Cubase, changes in Drivers, changes in system security and antivirus software. It is really quite a detailed thing to be navigating and it’s only slowed down if Waves is waiting for Steinberg to respond to their queries.

Yeah a year is a long time, but at least it’s the pipeline and not getting abandoned altogether. That accounts for a lot.

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I’ll renew my Waves upgrade plan when this is fixed…


What are the chances SoundGrid Studio and SoundGrid Driver will be 64bit by the time Catalina comes out, or even within a year of release? Or ever?

Well, I guess this answers that question:

"Operating System
10.9.5 – 10.14.5

  • SoundGrid Studio V9 will not be supported under Mac OS X 10.15"


Is there any new information about updating Studiorack regarding the compatibility of Cubase 10?

Best regards

We continue to develop the SoundGrid platform, and are working hard to enhance the future compatibility of Waves applications such as StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio.

Thanks very much for that fast reply. Are there any known settings or other things to improve the stability of that plugin til release of the update of studiorack?
Cubase 10 was released over a year ago, is an absolute standard DAW and the Waves hardware is - simply said - not usable. This is ultimately very unsatisfactory for customers. This does not change anything if the plugin’s website shows compatibility only with cubase 9.5. Cubase 9 (lease 12/2016) is outdated.

with kind regards

Hi @DominikJAy.
We are aware of this being unsatisfactory and are working, as said, to make this available.
Yes, StudioRack is still only compatible up to Cubase 9.5, and works perfectly there.
One of the nice things about cubase is that you can have a 9.5 and 10 installed side by side.

There are technical challenges qualifying SR for Cubase 10 and we are working hard to have a new version that works there.

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WAVES Were is The FIX For Studio Rack Crashing Cubase 10 on Mac it’s Been Over a Year Now I Have a Lot Of Money Invested in Waves Hardware And Plugins What is Going On ???

Hi @lyric8,

We are pleased to let you know that new versions of SoundGrid Studio and StudioRack are in development, with several updates expected this year.
Waves are working to ensure that the new versions are compatible with Waves V11 plugins and have new exciting features.

The first release in this series of updates is scheduled for Q2 2020.

Hi Yishai-Waves, I was wondering if there is a release date for the Soundgrid Studio update other than just Q2? I have a Burl Bmb4 Mothership and a new Mac Pro (delivered with Catalina )that I am desperately waiting to use. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @heem111, unfortunately I do not. I will keep you posted

Is it just me or does the new MultiMod remind you of something loosely designed in the StudioRack. With their recently passed release of SuperRack and now their new release of MultiMod, I would hazard a guess to say StudioRack isn’t that far behind at all. It looks to me that these things are built using the very same technology that they would need to make StudioRack happen.

Don’t lose faith brother, I’m sure there will be a happy ending to this story before very long.


What Is Going On One More Month Has Past Since You Posted This Still No Fix For The Studio Rack Crashing Cubase 10 Mac i Spent Over $4000 and Still Cant Use My Digigrid iOS Audio Interface And Waves Plugins Correctly I Can’t Use The DSP Waves Has Not Fix It Since November 15, 2018 Almost 2 Years No Fix Wow

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Hi @lyric8 - coming really soon!

I know a guy who’s on the beta review team. He takes his NDA very seriously so tells me NOTHING.

Except for this one thing… it’s being reviewed by the beta team now!!

So yes, it’s definitely on it’s way and it’s soon.

Can You Please Let Us Know What is Going On When Can i Use My Digigrid iOS Audio Intrface DSP With My Plugins and Studio Rack

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