What is this update plan?

I originally posted this question with some misguided venting:

"Why on earth would I need to purchase my plugins all over again each year?"

I have since edited it and got the answers I needed below.

Thanks Waves forum users, especially @punitb and @Midiboy.

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Hello @SoundBoy23

Please know that the language and insult is really not the best way to get an answer. Not sure if you are looking for an answer, or just venting, but I will go ahead and answer you the best I can. If you are just venting, I can certainly understand, but fortunately, what you are venting about is not at all how the update plan works.

When you purchase your plugins, they are yours forever. What the update plan gives you is the latest / greatest versions of each of your plugins that you purchase the plan for. (For example, if you purchased a V9, you will get the upgrade to the V10 version). It also gives you VIP Technical support, as well as if you bought a plugin Bundle (Gold, Mercury, etc.), and they later add a plugin to that bundle, you get that new plugin. You also get a voucher in the amount that you spend on the update plan. So, if you spend $100 for update plans for your plugins, you get a voucher for $100…so it’s really a win / win.

If you don’t have the update plan, and you bought a bundle, and they later add a plugin to the bundle, you will have to purchase that one plugin if you want it, but the plugins that you already got in that bundle will continue to be yours and will continue to work. You will never have to “repurchase” the plugins you already purchased. As long as your DAW and OS continue to support the ones you have, you’re good to go.

Basically…look at it as an extended warranty that pays for itself in many ways. (Vouchers, upgrades, bundle add-ons).


Not a scam, in fact it’s a added advantage.

A) You are not purchasing the plugins every year, it’s the Waves Update Plan that you are renewing
Plugin licenses once purchased never expire. They are good to run on supported system & DAW for lifetime (Even if you don’t renew the Waves Update Plan)

B) If you have a bundle purchased years ago and there are new plugins added to the bundle, you get those plugins added to yours too if you have a Valid Waves Update Plan

C) You also get Voucher code for every dollar spent on Waves Update Plan.
You can certainly read the details of the Waves Update Plan here.

Trust me @SoundBoy23 you can just decide when you really want to renew the Waves Update Plan.
As @Midiboy rightly said

And most important part, you can get the answers to the questions even without using Insulting language.


I also forgot to mention, when you purchase any Waves plugin or bundle, you get a one year upgrade plan as well. So, after you purchase, you have a 1 year guarantee to get any updates / patches / new plugins added to your bundle, etc., for an entire year. (The only thing you don’t get is the voucher, since you did not have to pay for the update plan with the initial plugin purchase).

That’s more than many software companies are willing to give.


let me just correct you there- you will get an update to V10…

Some great info about it on the Waves Update Plan page
Check out the video!

@SoundBoy23 - The community here has provided some fantastic answers. Your post has been flagged as you see - please edit the offensive language out and keep your question so the answers stay here for other people looking for them.
Thank you

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Thanks for the correction. I meant update. :slight_smile:

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I am sorry for the language. I got an email telling me me to renew and I jumped to conclusions. I think I understand better now and will consider renewing when I need.

Thing is… I can’t seem to edit the post.


@SoundBoy23 -
I have opened you post for editing, please do so within 10 min.


thank you @Yishai-Waves
I have edited the post, is that OK?


Yes. @SoundBoy23, thank you for your quick turnaround and cooperation.

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We’re here for you @SoundBoy23.


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