What is "Duplicate licenses will be activated" notice?

Hi! I had just purchased and registered Clarity Vx but ran into an issue during Installation/Activation in Waves Central. I’m unable to press the “Install & Activate” button unless I tick off the “Duplicate licenses will be activated” notice (please see photo). I tried uninstalling all V13 plugins and just reinstalling Clarity Vx Full License instead of the Demo but there seems to be no way of choosing just the Full License. My demo of Clarity is still there as well (not expired yet), so I don’t know if that’s what’s causing the issue? I kind of assumed that the Full License would overwrite the Demo version or something along those lines, but I suppose I seem to misunderstand how it works in Waves.

So, my question is this: Is there a way to press the “Install & Activate” button for Clarity Vx Full License (so that I can install & activate the license to my Macintosh HD) without having to worry about the “Duplicate licenses will be activated” notice, or would waiting for the Demo version to expire be a safer/better course of action (assuming there would no longer be 2 licenses of Clarity after the Demo expiration)? (Sorry for the lengthy post.) Hope someone can help. Thank you very much!