Waves V11 Update Issues

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What ever happened to you or your account, you better contact the support directly. I’m just a user, not affiliated with the company. But AFAIK and what I experienced as a user since years, there is no rent to pay each year. You might talk about a version upgrade. But you can stick with your version the whole live as long your computer os is supporting this version without paying anything extra. This is a huge difference to other companies.

I’ve explained what happened. The V9 versions are no longer in my account. I’ve been billed 240 USD to upgrade them to a later version. I bought them. Now I have to pay 240 to have them returned as a later version. Do you understand? I contacted support on three separate occasions and have yet to receive a reply. I’ll be bringing it to the attention of the consumer watchdog. The way I see it, these were stolen form me by Waves under the pretext of delivering an update. I’m not paying anyone for what is already mine.

This all sounds really strange, as WAVES do not remove previously purchased products or licenses.
Nor would you have been billed to get them back in a later version. If it were necessary to upgrade to later version for operating system reasons for example, then yes, WUP is required, however, it’s not compulsory to use your older version.

Give support a call. They are one of the most helpful software companies I’ve dealt with.

Yes, it is strange, agreed. But that is what appears to have happened.

Hi @EamonnK,
First of all I am sorry to hear this is your experience.
Contacting support is the best way to resolve this.
After you purchased update plan coverage, you updated the licenses to V11, and yes the V9 licenses will no longer show up.
You will now enjoy the benefits of WUP coverage and be able to update to new versions and get plugins added to your bundles in the next year.

Rest assured - V11 licenses DO activate v9 software. So if your system does not support V11 software, you can install V9 again and it will work fine.
You do not have to pay anything at all to revert.

Please contact Tech Support, they will not can sure you are happy and up and running in the version that is right for you.

I was not aware that I was entering into any update plan. That’s the problem. I termed this a “burglary” for illustrative reasons, since Waves effectively hid my access to my v9 plugins and then presented me with a bill, giving the false impression that I must pay the bill to access the plugins. The whole thing is obtuse and misleading. Now you imply that I knowingly entered into an update agreement. I did no such thing. This entire thing has come about through administration’s deliberate attempts to mislead. The lack of information and clarity in relation to the update plan amounts to a lie of omission. Just for the heck of it I’m now presenting you with a bill for $240. Unlike you I’m not going to conceal the conditions in small print. You don’t have to pay the bill, but I’ll present it anyhow on the off chance that you might be dumb enough to pay it. I don’t like being tricked or misled. You lost a customer. Goodbye.

Yishai-Waves, Just to further clarify. Based on what you said in your post, am I to understand that any customer who buys even one latest version Waves plugin, also automatically agrees to enter into Waves update plan?

Hi @EamonnK.

You paid for a product call “Waves Update Plan”, though your shopping cart.
There is information across our website explaining how to use v9 with V11 licenses, what the update plan is and that you are not forced to buy it.

The update plan is part of our products, qouting from this page:

"Every new purchase or upgrade of any Waves product includes one year of free Waves Update Plan coverage for that product.

Once the plan expires, you can renew it for another year whenever you want.
If you don’t wish to renew, the plugins you own will remain yours as before, but you will not enjoy updates and personal support."

We actually go to lengths to make versions cross compatible as much as possible, but as software environments and scenarios vary - sometimes this does not work, as you experienced.
That is where our stellar support team come in.

I want to help you get the best and supported version setup if you are willing, let me ask you this - what operating system do you have? What DAW and version do you use?

If you still feel tricked or misled, which I can assure you is very far from our intention, contact our orders department.

You are welcome to link to this thread in your message to them.

Thank you.

I did not intentionally buy a product called “Waves Update Plan”. I bought a plugin. I would not knowingly buy a product called “Waves Update Plan”. You state that I have. My response has to be that if I have I did so, I did so unintentionally. That can only have come about as a result of a deceptive marketing ploy.

I understand, but it is not even possible to buy a new plugin and Waves Update plan coverage in the same transaction.
The update plan coverage has to have been purchased separately, even if by mistake - it was not just ‘pushed’ in to your plugin purchase. There is no marketing ploy or deception.

Please contact our orders department, I am not sure if and what they can do - but they are the address for such claims and requests.

But I never said I bought an update plan. You said I did. I bought a plugin. I got the plugin. However, I lost access to all my other plugins and was presented with a bill to update them to the latest version. If I had done this I would then have bought an update plan. As it turned out I delved into the confusing Waves labyrinth and managed to figure out how to regain my earlier version plugins. I have to say though, when I look at them now, they leave a bad taste in my mouth, and already I’ve been shopping around for alternatives. So, you admit that I didn’t buy a Waves update thingy? Good. I’m glad that’s clear. I take it too that you are not going to pay me the $240 I billed you for earlier. Quite right. I wouldn’t pay it either.

Thanks for clarifying @Eamonnk, I misunderstood.
I am glad you did purchase something you did not intend to. As mentioned it is not mandatory and you are indeed working now with the V9 software alongside V11.

Again, sorry this is your feeling about the Waves update plan policy, but it is what enables us to continue maintaining compatibility with Operating systems and DAW versions for our users.
I hope using our plugins sweetens the taste :slight_smile:

I did not purchase something I did not intend to purchase. I did not make a mistake. Do you gaslight all your customers when they question you? To quote you, you said, “You paid for a product call “Waves Update Plan”, though your shopping cart…” This is not true. When I challenged you and told you I had bought a plugin and not an update plan, you said, “it is not even possible to buy a new plugin and Waves Update plan coverage in the same transaction.” If that is the case, how do you maintain that I bought a Waves update plan? Such an inconsistency suggests that one of your statements is untrue. As for deception. Just because I managed to solve the problem doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an attempt to deceive me into purchasing an update plan. And the fact that you lied by stating that I did purchase an update plan, when this is demonstrably untrue, shows that you are capable of deceiving your customers. And that last statement of yours, where you deliberately misrepresent me, seals the deal as far as I’m concerned that you are something of a thief.

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