Waves - Kindly fix RAM issue on all your sample based products-Rhapsody + Electric 88

I have enjoyed using Rhapsody (Acoustic Fazioli Piano samples) and Electric 88 (an elecroacoustic piano sample) i.e. a Rhodes.

I think they represent very good examples of the designers perspective of these instruments.

To their credit, I think the samples were done very well.

Only one issue which is well discussed at the thread below. They have a sample loading algorithm which causes them to use more memory (RAM) the longer you play them, until you completely run out of RAM, and have to close your DAW or restart the computer. Which is a bit of an annoyance, and it also makes it dicy to trust these plugins for use on a live stage, or a music rehearsal, cos you do not know when the plugins will stop working due to the memory issue above.

In over 20 years of using plugins, this is the 1st time I have experienced such extraordinary use of RAM by any plugin.

Waves, please fix these plugins, which I love and would really appreciate the comfort of not having to restart them every hour or two. Its not just my opinion, there are at least two people on this thread on gearslutz that confirm the memory issue which applies to both version 9 and 10 and are also present on both WIndows and Mac, so it should be easy to fix, cos its something common to all these plugins. i.e you fix it in once place and recompile and all of them are fixed.

Waves, in future please test all your plugins for this bug, before releasing them… I do appreciate you are relatively new to the large sampling instruments, but that should not be an excuse for letting this one slip.

As this is my 1st post I could not add the link, will add this later

Still not allowed to post links… how many posts are required to unlock this feature on the Waves forum?

On a positive note, I can report that the issue I complained about earlier in this thread has been resolved in V11.

I tested the demo of V11 in Windows, for Rhapsody - definitely resolved.

Now Waves expects me to pay them to upgrade to V11, for fixing what is their own bug. Despicable behaviour.

I know this is now typical behavior of big business, but seriously, it reminds me of car manufacturers who struggle to admit, - yes we had a design flaw, and you are now entitled to a free recall to fix the issue.

In plain English - Waves should give all users of these sample based plugins a free upgrade to V11 as a good gesture. They, for legal reasons do not need to admit that there was a bug, which has been fixed.

Waves, please do the right thing. Free upgrade please…The best way of saying thank you to those who had confidence to take a bet on Waves, as a developer of sampled software instruments developer…

To the Waves management team - I say this, business longevity is driven by your culture, you must set the tone at the head of the business. If you accommodate the wrong ethics, one day, it will slowly come back to bite you, because one little bit by one little bit, you veer from what is right, and before you know it you have become an ethically wrong business, and no matter how large will eventually fail…

Do the right thing Waves - free upgrade for all the sampled instruments please, to all your customers who bought this. Especially those who bought it as individual products… I know its a bit tricky for those who bought it as part of a bundle - how do you address this - Do the right thing, upgrade their bundle for free to V11.

It might seem like a huge loss in potential revenue, but the fundamental correctness that this brings to your business ethics, by doing what is right, develops your employees and will have a huge impact on ensuring that the quality control before you release new products, is a whole lot better, going forward.

My 22 cents…

search for 3W-iVrcyGXc on youtube, for a good example of how manufacturers need to be responsible, in this case this was BMW, taking responsibility for a faulty air bag.

i.e youtube forward slash 3W-iVrcyGXc

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I will pass this on to management.

To anyone reading this thread, please note that the previous issue with Waves Rhapsody, prior to V11, was not related to the sound.

While there have been very slight changes in the sonics, cos I did a phase reversal based comparison, and it appears either some change in internal eq of samples or difference in velocity switching has been made, the sonics of the pre V11 releases was still top notch.

It could be placebo effect, but I still prefer the sound of V11, just slightly plinkier, more present, even though the different software versions use the same set of samples, so any difference is likely to be based on changes in velocity mapping or internal eq…per sample.

Having said that V11 Rhapsody, is one of my most valued software instruments, and is a complete instrument, as close to owning a real piano, as I ever would. Sounds great, eminently useful, and like all my Waves plugins, a keepsake,.

On a positive note I find that Waves plugins are the closest to owning hardware - you pretty much buy them once and rarely have to think of upgrading them, especially if you buy one that has been around for a while.

To their credit, Waves plugins are maintained for a very long time, so you can open very old projects well into the future, unlike products from Native Instruments, who have a habit of deprecating older products, and making them unavailable.

In that respect Waves plugins remain a good investment. Extremely reliable plugins, I have never had any Waves plugins crash on me - never…Very consistent user interfaces, IMHO, the sound of today’s pop music is the sound of Waves…

Thanks for clarifying

Thanks for your feedback @ok1.

When you purchase a Waves product you get a permanent authorization for the version you purchased and you also get one year of the Waves Update Plan from the date of the license registration. The Waves Update Plan covers you for any OS or DAW updates, support or in some cases additional plugins that may be added to the license. At the end of the one year of Waves Update Plan, you have the option to renew but it’s not necessary to keep using the version you own.

Complete details on this can be found at http://www.waves.com/support/waves-update-plan

Please feel free to contact the Waves Sales Team at 865-909-9200 extension 2 for additional options.

V11 sounding better to you must indeed be a placebo effect as you said might be the case (unless this time you opted to download the HD samples instead of SD samples).

There is no sonic difference between the versions and they use the exact same (SD or HD) samples - the difference is infrastructural, including some functionality bug fixes, but no changes in sound.

Thank you for your support

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