Waves Central with plugins from multiple accounts

Are racks capable of running plugins from multiple accounts at the same time?

If you have a band with members in it that all have their own waves plugins and come to play together using SuperRack, is it possible for licenses from all the members to be used by the same SuperRack on the same computer at the same time?

At the moment, getting red message in Waves Central indicating plugins are from other accounts with only one account being logged into. Other plugins are brought on USB sticks.

It’s possible to use plugins from multiple accounts using older version if Waves Central… Is it possible with V11 plugins and new SuperRack?

Hi @Aeri welcome to the Waves Forum! :slight_smile:

Yes, licenses can be activated to one computer using multiple USB Flash Drives or directly on to the computer, by login to each account at a time.

Note that while logged in to one account, other accounts’ licenses will indeed be shown in red, as they can’t be managed/moved using the current account.

This will not affect the plug-ins from working properly.

Simply, make sure to have the plug-ins installed with the proper version (according to the licenses - note that only V10 and V11 are Officially Supported with SuperRack).

If the plug-ins are installed but not loading, please refer to this link and follow the steps to rescan the application for plug-ins.

In case the issue is not solved, please get in touch with our TechSupport team, to assist further.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Got it working, thank you.

Despite being activated and installed on the computer running SuperRack I had to:
log out of facility account and log into my account on Waves Central,
close SuperRack instance,
select plugins and click install button in on already activated and installed plug-ins in Waves Central,
enter mac password to accept changes to mac,
log out of my account on waves central,
and start SuperRack to verify that plug-ins were now working.

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