Wah Wah with Roland A-800 expression pedal

I am looking for tips on how to get the Wah stomp in GTR 3.5 v12 to respond properly to the expression pedal (assigned to cc 16) of my Roland a-800 controller

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Hi @comsax1 thanks for joining our forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have this controller still I was able to assign GTR’s Wah stomp to my midi controller on Logic X.
This means that this should be possible to do, depending on your DAW and midi controller.

o you use cubase? if yes in cubase I can explain to you

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I’m sorry I just realized that I put the instructions in French. with the images you should be able to do the same

in the last screenshot, in the “input” menu you have to put A800

in the inspector you have to click on instant control. then you look for the insert number in which you put gtr3. me it was slot1. there you open each gtr3 menu and go down to the midi menu. there is looking for controller 16. it is called general control. just below 15. when it’s done you have to go to the studio menu. then in the instant control menu. in the input you have to put your A800. I guess you plugged it in usb. from there if you move your expression pedal and the plugin has been put in manual then it should work

If you don’t work on cubase I did it all for nothing … but it’s not thanks it may be useful for others. Tell us if it works

external control WAHWAH GTR waves in cubase

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