Upgrades - Not giving proper credits

For some reason Waves Upgrades is not giving me proper credit for products owned. I own: Mercury + Studio Classics, the Abbey Road Collection & FM Motion Synth (Metafilter, Sibilance free, & VU Meter free). The upgrade to ‘Broadcast and Surround’ is $2412.00 but I only get the 3 new ‘DTS plugins’ (not 18) as Mercury + Studio Classics has all the others. With ‘Inspire’ it gives me credit for th FM Motion synth wanting $382.00 advising 11 new, when I only get 7, as Mercury includes: Codex, Elements, Electric Grand 80 & Morphoder. The Dave Aude is $160.00 and gives me credit for the free Sibilance plugin, missing: Codex, Electric Grand 80, Pumper & Smack Attack from Mercury. The other bundles are noted as included. (prices as of March 7/2020).
Anyone else having same problem?

WiLLi & the MusicMachine

Hey @MusicMachineX3,

Please contact our orders department with this query.