Update Digigrid MGB

Hi There, I try to update our MGB. Status LED is Blue. In the Manual it say’s click on FW but in SoundGrid studio that’s not working. ID button works.
(Mac OS Mojave)
Boot V1.12.4
Program 1.13.31
What do I mis.


Hi @daniel,

If sounds to me like you have newer firmware installed for the MGB. SoundGrid Studio can only work currently with V9 FW for SondGrid Interfaces.


Folllow these instructions - in Waves Central, under Install Products" > “All Products” Search for MGB and install the V9 driver. After a restart it should work.

If that didn’t work, you can also try to ‘force reflash’ the unit by holding ‘Shift+F’ and click the blue FW button that appears.

Finally if it’s not working out - please contact our stellar Tech Support for local troubleshooting.