Unable to install Electric 88 Piano Demo - Cakewalk

I’m excited to try out Electric 88 for some Rhodes work… In installed the demo through central, the same way I do everything but it will not appear in my instruments list? Any suggestions?

First of all, check to make sure you have activated the demo license in waves central… either to your computer or usb stick.

I haven’t used Cakewalk in almost 20 years so I’m not sure exactly how it handles plugins but in most other daw’s you can rescan for plugins. If Cakewalk has a plugin manager, you would probably find that option there. If not, maybe somewhere in the preferences. That’s about the best I can do. Maybe someone more familiar with Cakewalk will have some better advice.

Thanks for the response - it says installed and activated in waves central. not sure if there’s anything else I can check in there. I do manually rescan and best I can tell the folder is in my scan list - like I said… every other waves plugin (I have about 10 others) works… this one is different in the sense it’s the only “instrument” from waves that I’ve downloaded… all others are FX. Any idea where waves puts the instrument files so I can a) check to see if the files are actually there b) make sure that folder is explicitly included in my scan list?

Thanks again — I have a note into support but haven’t heard anything.

The Waves instruments install a standalone application along with the plugin. If that is there and works, the plug-in should be installed.

hmm… I can find and launch the app but can’t make it do anything. Seems like the samples aren’t loaded? But regardless… that shouldn’t stop it from showing up in Cakewalk. I’ll see if I can find where that app is and make sure the folder is being scanned.


In CakeWalk, make sure that you are scanning the correct folder according to this article, and that you are not scanning Waves initial folder or the standalone applications folder, since doing so will most likely lead to technical issues.

Besides that, if the issue is ongoing I’m sure that the Tech Support will be able to assist you with this case. Keep us noted on how it went.

Yes - I am scanning that folder (followed those steps, but all the other plugins work). I did try scanning the standalone apps folder, but discovered quickly that was the wrong thing to do as you suggest. Unfortunately I’m not hearing anything from tech support. Will likely try calling today. Usually they are pretty good, especially when a sale is pending.

Support resolved this… sort of one of those “I tried that three times and it didn’t work for me” type deals :man_facepalming:. When scanning the plugins there were two check boxes he included - rescan all plugins and scan failed plugins, and that seemed to do it.