The "Show off my studio" thread!

Show off you studio here!

…and please be civil with your comments…
Everybody needs to start somewhere :wink:

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This isn’t the best picture, and it’s a few months old. I’ll upload the current one next week after my vacation.


Hi. This is my home studio located in a bedroom that gets occupied when our youngest son comes home on vacations. Since I’m only allowed one picture at the time, I’ll post a few in a row.

All the best.

It’s an older picture, before I got Maschine.

Where did you get the replacement knobs for the C1? I’m thinking about doing the same.

Hi, mykejb
I bought stickers at Staples for approx 2$
I just needed visual references, as I’m pretty pleased with the knobs themselves.
All the best.

A couple months old but not much has changed…


Welcome Demori! Great looking room!

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That’s my studio for now.
Soon I will move to a new house so a new studio will be built.