SuperRack Performer w/ Midas M32. Plugins + Multi-track

Hi All,

Very interested in the Waves SuperRack Performer that just released.

I have a question regarding multitracking via an M32.

If I was to purchase a Klark Teknik DN32-Live card, could I run SuperRack I/O from the USB output, and still multitrack to the SD card slots?


Hi, I dont have the M32, but this is what is stated on Klark website. So it seems the answer is yes.

" Independent USB & SD Operation

The DN32-LIVE USB and SD interfaces can be operated simultaneously and independently. For example, you may want to play back your recorded session from an SD card and record the tracks via USB into your favorite DAW for post-processing. Or, you might need to prepare live backing tracks in your DAW and then transfer them to an SD card in real time, while setting performance markers on-the-fly. You can even record using both the USB and SD simultaneously for redundancy. Best of all, these operations can be performed without routing tracks through your console channels."