Soundgrid update so we can use WAVES V11?

Any idea as to when we will see the SG platform updated to 64bit so we can use our WAVES V11 plugins with it??


Even just a timeline would be helpful.

I am hopeful that the delay means it will be significantly improved, much like SuperRack was over MultiRack.

Well, SuperRack was the first V11 SG application to be released last month.
Next up a V11 version of LV1, coming soon…
And we continue to develop the SoundGrid platform, and are working hard to enhance the future compatibility of Waves applications such as StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio.


It is going to be backwards compatible with the current version I hope… I have many instances in many sessions that will need to be recalled over time.

Old sessions will work flawlessly in LV1 V11, yes.

No I mean all those instances of StudioRack in Pro Tools Ultimate that I have… Will the new version open automatically?? Or is that WAVES policy out the window from here on in?

When the new version of StudioRack is released, yes, Protools sessions with instances of StudioRack will open automatically.

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