SoundGrid Studio v11...OMG! It's Fantastic!

I am so thrilled with this update. I bought the 64ch upgrade before I even installed it. I am use to running LV1, so this is an easy update for me. It may just be all my excitement, but it sounds so much better. It is just like LV1 now, to my ears.

Only potential issue I found is the adapter rename issue we had with MyMon. It seems to be back. But, as soon as I deleted the adapter in control panel, rescanned for hardware changes, it popped right up and works fine now. Not sure if it is just that a fluke on my system or a rebirth of an old bug. Eitherway, the fix is easy.

Back to playing around and testing out more features. I will be interested to hear what others think.

Thank you Waves Dev Team! :sunny:


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