Soundgrid server one mk2 - poor performance

hey guys,

i have a logic pro x session at 96 khz.
studio rack plugins with in total 33 voices get processed on my Server One MK2.
the racks are filled with 3 to 5 plugins. no reverbs are processed on the server. just comps, eqs, saturation.

DSP usage is around 60% and occasionally turns red, which causes audio drop outs. every second time when i start playback i get totally distorted audio.

when i switch all my racks to local, audio playback is totally fine and free of any artifacts. of course all cores in my MBP 2012 are close to 100%, but still. how can it be, that a dedicated plugin server is not able to do, what my 8 year old mac book pro can do?

am i maxing the system out already? is it a problem to run sessions at 96 khz?
maybe somebody can give me some hints. like this my system is definitely not workable. maybe i am missing something.

Hi @BernhardFischer!

Sounds like you should contact our support team to check this out.

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