Rvox compatible on big sur but not 12.2.3?

I downloaded rvox and after the fact I realized the highest it goes up is 12.2.1 after I spent 15 minutes trying to get ableton to recognize it. Like, I have MV2 and it works and its also version 12 and on the specs says its compatible up to 12.2.1 but it shows up. So, I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

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Hi @itsahartknocklife Welcome to Waves community forum

The Ovox V12 is compatible with Live 11 and should work fine.

I suggest rescanning plugins by following the instructions at How to Find Your Plugins in Ableton Live

Other than that, feel welcome to contact Tech-Support, they will be happy to assist.

Have a great day.


Hi, it’s the Renaissance Vox not the ovox. I’ve rescanned it 50 times, open and closed ableton, reinstalled it and even restarted my computer.

Hi @itsahartknocklife

Oh, Rvox, yes, basically it is the system requirements it is the same.

I suggest contacting Tech-Support, they will assist you to get all of your Waves plugins up and running.

Have a great day :slight_smile: