Reverb and delay

What comes first, reverb and delay after mastering or on mixing? Thanks

It’s very much a taste/creative flair thing.

Delay into reverb does kind of reflect a more organic room slapback/ acoustic scenario of rooms and halls and such, especially if the delay is around the 50 to 200ms area with a lower amount of repeats.

Fun can be had by throwing delay AFTER the reverb. Longer reverb settings can get you these long modern/80s style reverb sound, while a very short reverb decay can add some thickness to your delay repeats, if thats the thing you want to highlight. It can certainly be handy in dense mixes also where normal reverbs would otherwise make it too muddy. Adding a super short reverb to delay can give you the illusion of a space but not interfere too much with a dense mix.

Filtering the top and and low and and adding things like pitch shifting, modulation and distortion can also give you some really creative textures as well. It’s worthwhile experimenting with if you get a moment.