Requesting resizable Plugin Windows!

Resizable/scalable plugin windows! I think this would be a welcomed feature for the Waves plugin line.


YES! This would be amazing!

Nice request :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes indeed :slight_smile: This is a very common feature request, it has been noted by our product department.


There are 2 plug companies that I also use (don’t tell Gilad :slight_smile:) that have re-sizable windows and they are great. HOFA use it on their IQ analyser which is a great analyser (this is something I’ve been asking Waves to develop for a number of years now).

I instantiate this on a master channel and fill a screen with it. It is both useful and impressive to clients. They love ‘watching’ their music dance around.

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Yes true, a small incident not related to thread but feel like sharing.
I changed my studio Display Monitor from 27 inch to 45 inch screen a few months back & one of my visiting clients say “Now my song is sounding great” :laughing::laughing:

:joy: I get this plus a comment ‘wow that makes a big difference’ before I do anything. I always warn them these days, wait until I tell you I’ve done it before you say it’s great!!!


so is this in the works?
most of us thought that V10 would bring the highly requested GUI updates with retina resolution ready plugins/scaleability



As I mentioned earlier in this thread:

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Hi. I really hope that Waves will bring resizable GUI (and Console 1 integration) soon :sunglasses:
All the best.

Yes, resizable windows would be nice.
And It would be also nice to have the possibility to minimize the GUI on some plugins, like all the tape and vinyl simulations. To just get the plain controls without a moving tape or record.

I agree!
Using Element 2.0 plugin on a 4k UHD screen is really tricky today. Please also ensure that you can save the scaling factor as well as reset it.


Agree…way behind here guys.

I would like to be able to resize some of the smaller plugins, but if all could be resized that would be GREAT!!!

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I’ve been waiting for this feature since 2017



We are waiting impatiently for this feature

Thank you for your support. Thank you yishai

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When will this day come?

Sorry @ehabmxd, I do not have an ETA.

Much needed. Really hard to see and work with on a 4k monitor.

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