Renaissance Compressor Presets Not Shown

I have purchased your Renaissance Axx Compressor software and have installed it on my Windows 10 PC, 64 bit.

When I use the compressor in my Reaper DAW, the presets all show up and are usable. However, when I attempt to use the compressor in my Sony Vegas Pro v17, the presets do not show up.

I noticed that the compressor preset extension used in the Reaper DAW is .xps. However, when I attempt to locate the presets in my Sony Vegas Pro program, it searches for an .fxp extension and since there are none that I can find on the computer, the compressor cannot load any presets.

My question is: how can I load the your Renaissance compressor presets into my Sony Vegas Pro program. Why does is search for a different preset extension that that used in the Reaper program.

Could you please advise.
Thank you for your help.
Cherry Hill, NJ USA

Hi @meangene1000 welcome to the Waves Forum! :slight_smile:

Note that Sony Vegas is not Officially Supported by our plug-ins.

That said, note that we have our own Presets Toolbar which will load on top of any Waves plug-in GUI.

Please refer to this link and follow the instructions to save/load presets using the WaveSystem Toolbar.