Ovox question - starting from totally blank setting

I’m new to Ovox. I want to know how to blank out all settings so that Ovox does nothing to the file. This way I can learn what each area does from a clean slate. I’m not so interested in the pre-sets, many with a lot of strong distortion and sequential envelopes, as I am interested in subtle and more static or very short envelope effects to add to my voice. I would love to start with a BLANK, no effects Ovox and build the effects up from zero. Can I start with zero effects?

Hi @jmsatown -

In the ‘Load’ menu - select ‘Full Reset’. then in the mixer section below - lower the ‘Ovox’ knob to -inf and turn the ‘Voice’ knob up to 0.
You can save this as your own preset in the ‘Save’ menu.

From here you can start testing the individual parameters, but you will need to pick up the ‘Ovox’ knob to hear their effect.

Thank you for your help. Also, regarding the pre-sets, is it possible to toggle through the pre-sets to hear them without having to constantly go back through the menu? There are so many pre-sets and it would be easier if one could just page through them to hear them instead of having to go back to the menu to pull back up the pre-sets list and then click on the next one. Thanks.

yes, use the left and right arrows on the top toolbar.

Check this out: https://www.waves.com/1lib/pdf/plugins/waves-system-guide.pdf