OVOX Live Tracking Tutorial

can I get a tutorial on how to live track a voice with ovox?
everything I’ve found is either a pre recorded track or midi input.

@Adi.Waves can you pass this along to the relevant person(s)?


I think just contacting support and asking for their assistance should do the trick.
usually tracking also depends on your I/O and DAW settings rather than Ovox but support will gladly assist and provide any information available.

Contact Technical Support directly through email or call +1-865-909-9200 ext. 1

Check out the vids at Waves, they might have what your looking for. Maybe.

nah. Its been over three years & it still doesn’t exist. A vague, non-descript under simplification is what you’ll get at best.

I mean yeah but nah. My whole thing is why does there appear to be so many tutorials featuring this plugin, all seemingly lacking in-depth instructions [specifically] covering live tracking? Just doesn’t make much sense