Open GL OFF - Switch

Hi, I own many of Your plugins. Although they offer great functionality,
sadly I can not use them in any of my 3 DAWs ( Cubase, Studio One, Samplitude ) on Win10.
The main problem being the use of “Hardware Acceleration / Open GL” to draw the GUI.
As DAWs and other plugins also use Open GL, the resources are fast used up.
Meters stop responding, Knobs can not be turned fluently, etc.
I’m aware that Open GL is mandatory for cross-platform apps.
Many vendors have learned to add a switch to disable Hardware Acceleration, though ( XLN, Venomode, etc.)
It would be great, if You could add such a switch, so I could start using Your plugins, again.

Thanks, Jan ( ex beta tester for Waves, iZotope, Steinberg, HOFA, etc. )

P.S.: It is a long known issue. Can not post the link …