Old Waves update plan with new plugin

I have the Update Plan 13 and have now purchased KramerHLS Channel. This has the version V14. Do I have to buy the update plan now to use this plugin? In Ableton Live, the plugin does not appear despite installation and activation.

Hi @bikersw,

You do not require to buy the WUP again in order to get your plugins to work.
The plugins should always load as long as your setup supports the versions you own regardless of the WUP.

You can try these next steps to issue a hard rescan in Ableton.

If you are still unable to load your Waves products please, Contact Technical Support directly.

In the V14 folder is KramerHLS Channel, I have also performed the rescan in Ableton Live. The plugin does not appear in Ableton Live. I have not bought the WUP14, only the plugin, so my setup with WUP13 will not show this V14 plugin in Ableton Live, right?

Hi @bikersw,

If you made sure the plugin is properly installed and the license is activated but the issue persists, please Contact Technical Support directly.

Tech Support will be also able to remote into your computer and make sure you are able to use your Waves plugins.