Metafilter not showing


Metafilter will not show up in my LV1 list and also not in studiorack
it will however load just fine in any daw as a single plugin

Any ideas why?

Hey @hakonholmas,

Indeed, MetaFilter is not supported and cannot load in our SoundGrid hosts.

You can see this in the Supported Platforms Tab in the product page:|tab-supported-platforms

This is due to the CPU requirements of this plugin - it creates CPU Spikes that SG servers cannot handle well.

Hi Yishai, and thanks for the answer!

Ok, that explains it. Any plans for a rewrite of the plugin to make it more efficient and SG-compatible?
It´s a great little tool for creative effects and I would love to have it integrated in my LV1-setup

Hey @hakonholmas,

Currently no, there are no plans, but I have passed this on as a feature request to our Product department.


I’ve had a similar conversation a week or tow back with Tech Support, they seem to say that it can’t happen because of the fundamental way Metafilter works. At this point it just doesn’t seem like a feasible thing.

It’s not a latency thing but apparently some patent-pending-they-could-tell-me-but-would-have-to-kill-me kind of thing. :upside_down_face:

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Too bad. I´ve made some cool sounds with that thing :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m disappointed on that one too.