Metafilter crashes FL Studio when disabling effect from mixer


I have had this annoying problem where Metafilter crashes my DAW, FL Studio (currently at 20.8) when disabling the effect from mixer track. I have had this issue for about half a year and have gone through multiple versions of FL Studio.

What I have done so far to try and fix this problem:
reinstalled all Waves Products
reinstalled FL Studio
refreshed my plugins databe in FL Studio with all different settings
used Version Organizer in Waves Central
used Fix permissions and ownership in Waves Central
used Clead Central Cache in Waves Central
used Repair in Waves Central
tried using Metafilter with license on local hard drive and usb stick
used metafilter as V10 32 and 64 bit
used metafilter as V11 32 and 64 bit

This problem only occurs on Metafilter. I have over 10 Waves plugins running on V10 to V12 versions with no similar problems.

Here is a link with video that shows problem happening. Sorry, but no audio

EDIT: I can’t add link as I am a new member :frowning:

Hi @savupiippulissu welcome to the Waves forum :slight_smile:

As I can see extensive troubleshooting steps were done so far, I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to assist further.