Just feedback about how Waves Central burns my retina with ads

This is just a simple gripe about the Waves Central manager burning advertising into my eyes with 1/3 of the app displaying always huge bright ads just sscreaming at me for attention in a desperate attempt to make me spend money. If anything it has the opposite effect and makes me dread ever buying another plugin to then have to open the manager and see this every time:

As a paying customer I already know Waves has deals, they are on a “forever” deal all the time so when I have to do updates and management I prefer not to see this constantly, especially in such a bright obtrusive way.

An option for paying customers to make this advertising optional would be highly appreciated!

It irritates me as well, but in all fairness the same sort of thing shows up in Studio One 5 and many of the dreaded MAGIX products, which are the new and “improved” versions of Sony’s audio products.

I do think the ads should be an option you can turn off myself. Although it would be good to just get major update and new plugin notifications.

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