"It would be really cool if Waves..."

If Waves could update Waves Tune Real Time detune feature to go by cents instead of Hz. That way I wouldn’t have to bust out the calculator to figure out how to detune my voice

That’s an interesting oversight as Cents is a much more applicable and usable unit for music. It’s odd they didn’t think of that initially.

Made a better version of UVI Shade. Great idea but too many unwanted pops and clicks.

Basically a super F6 except any parameter (gain, freq, bandwidth, etc) is controlled by any modulator (env follow, ASDR trigger[midi, audio], lfo, etc.) with also many more filter shapes.

It would be ultimately cool if the Cosmos sample browser included a randomize feature that could be combined with the folder/collection function.

The randomize feature would make sample hunting so enjoyable. I can create collections like “Acoustic”, “C minor” or “Drum Loop”. Then what if there was a shuffle button to randomly order the samples in the main view, including all the samples from the selected collections?

tl;dr: It would be really cool if Cosmos had a random/shuffle feature.

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More headphone profiles (or the ability to import profiles) in Nx. Please. Before you release another studio.

I use this to do rough mixes when I’m not in the studio, and don’t have my gear with me. I have never used it to “Feel like I’m sitting at X legendary control room.” I’ve never been in one or listened to a recording in one, so I have no idea how that’s supposed to happen.

Apple EarPods, and AirPods, Sony’s and Bose’s consumer lineup as well as some other popular Skullcandy/ElCheapo brands.

I realize it’s not ideal to mix with HyperX gaming headphones or earbuds, but I purchased Nx so that if I HAD to use them I could do so with consistency. Come to find out it only has models for 12 headphones all but two of which are out of my league.

Relying on having my 7506s with me is annoying. I’d like to be able to pick from a list of a hundred or so, pick what’s closest to what’s in/on my ears, or at least have a tool that allows other folks with measurement rigs to make profiles for Nx.

It would be really cool if Waves…

Paid off my credit card debt. Just sayin’ :upside_down_face:

More of a product request. I love all the Nx rooms so far. How about one that models one of Carl Tatz’s Phantom Focus rooms?

+1 for osc remote like the Behringer x32 Desk

Any plans to do an NX designed for post-production? This would be extremely helpful to check ambience levels, bass response, dialogue clarity - and the #1 best part would be to check surround levels and mixes for folks who don’t have physical surround capabilities.

It would be cool if Clarity VX had a Monitor button to make it easier to hear what, if anything, is detected for removal.


I really wish I could use more of my favorite plugins at 192khz but most of them, do not work at that sample rate -

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I agree - being able to run at any sample rate would be great. (I work at 192 as well - not sure what’s involved in supporting it, but I don’t have any other currently-under-development plugins that don’t work at whatever sample rate I can throw at 'em!)

I would love for Waves to create a dedicated Clipper plugin. I have one from another company, but I would love to get one from Waves.

I think it would be really cool if Waves had a De-Clipping plugin. The one that Logic has is okay at most, but I feel like Waves could come up with something REALLY beneficial for that sort of thing.


First person wants a Clipper, the second person want’s to De-Clip!! Both totally valid, but funny in context.

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If there was Oversampling option on Waves plugins, then Id come back to using Waves again.
Cos I have jumped ships cos of that.
Also let every plugin support at least 192khz sampling rate so we can oversample ourselves when we chose to.
CLA MixDown supports only up to 96khz and when I use it at 192khz sampling rate, every value goes up an octave. The 3khz hi boost becomes 6khz, the default low cut filter at 20-25khz becomes 50khz and this alone renders the plugin non usable. I wonder if the attack and release times are twice as fast too.

Well V14 has added a Mix knob and and updated UI to some of it’s classic compressors, for those who requested it.

RenEQ already has freq analyzing… Do you mean 1/3 octave or … ?

The options of paying WUP or carrying USB keys to live gigs or coffee shops (freelancers have enough random details on our minds, and it’s more cumbersome now with newer MacBooks not accepting them directly) - neither are that preferable. It’s things like this and many issues surrounding WUP and resell which slow me from purchasing any new Waves stuff. It’s both the fees and the extra complications (mental bandwidth) to consider. As AudioNut said, most other companies grant at least 2 installs without additional fees.

I think some stable, sophisticated bass management plugins, used in conjunction with some spectral balance plugins, that could analyze the output of the two bus and make suggestions on weak/overbearing areas could speed the mix process considerably. In my experience, the bottom end, wayyy down, is what really separates the world class rooms from the others, mine is, sadly, in the ‘other’ class and once I get to around 70hz and lower, it’s complete trial and error to determine what’s a perfect balance out in the real world. It could be modifiable by preset (by genre, for example) and maybe even import another file to mimic that eq curve?